About B Sizzle

So my name isn’t really “B Sizzle,” but it’s a name that was bestowed upon me by my college choir. Plus, it has the nifty “sizzle” part like when you cook bacon. Because bacon is awesome and so am I! (Always buy truly gluten-free bacon to sizzlify.)

I started this blog because I have recently had to have diet restrictions (gluten and dairy — the gluten because I most likely am gluten intolerant if not celiac and the dairy as an experiment to see if I’m allergic to it). These restrictions have made going out to eat not as pleasant because it’s difficult to trust any food. I mean, asking the waiter if the sauce has gluten is probably not part of their knowledge. I also have recently (within the last four years) had issues with peanuts and other nuts. Almost like a serious allergy but not. So that means I have to cook gluten free, dairy free, and nut free (even sunflower nut butter affects me).

I also enjoy cooking and occasionally baking. My mom has taught me the techniques while my dad taught me the fun of experimentation with foods. (Although there was a time when he experimented too much with macaroni and cheese and made my sisters and me cry when we were little… He got less outrageous with his cooking after that!) All the rest of what I learn is from the internet and now I am inspired by Pinterest.

This site is about my trials and tribulations of my cooking experiments in the land of gluten freeness. Most times, you can substitute dairy for dairy free without issue, so I’m not as concerned about that part. I hope you enjoy my site and experiment with your own twists to the recipes!


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